Infographic and Illustrative ads for The Motley Fool

These are some of the ads I've designed for The Motley Fool. I was given access to a list of approved headliners to use on the ad campaigns. In terms of design, I had complete freedom of choice and got to play around with the newest trends and colors. One thing I always aimed to do was to choose a color scheme that complements the logo since it's a required aspect of the ad. I'm showcasing the square designs here, but I was asked to create a variety of aspect ratios to fit native, GDA, and social requirements.

old-illustration sketch2 sketch sketch sketch

Custom Images

These are the custom space illustrations I created for The Motley Fool. I saw that this project was being assigned to a different designer on the team, and I asked if I could join since I love making space illustrations. I was granted my request and It worked out great because the original designer and I have a very different style of design. By working together, we were able to produce a variety of images The Motley Fool could use in different scenarios.

old-illustration sketch2 sketch sketch