WGU Labs Header Illustrations

For this project, the client asked that the existing illustration be reworked in a more clean and modern style. I was given the original illustration, several inspiration images, and a list of icons to redesign. The client provided notes on what they liked and disliked about each of the inspiration images and from there, I was able to create an illustration that satisfied the client's vision.

Client Review

"Aki was great to work with, she delivered excellent illustrated headers and icons for our website, and we were very impressed with how she was abled to perfectly translate what we had in mind, but still maintaining originality and her own style. Her communication was always prompt and she met every deadline we set. I would definitely work with Aki again and recommend her to other folks looking for illustrators."

The old illustration, inspirations, and notes given to me


Final Hero Illustration


After the hero image was completed, I was asked to create header illustrations in the same style for the other pages on the site. The client asked to make them more minimal than the hero illustration.

Header Illustrations